Pheasant Branch Nature Preserve

Pheasant Branch Nature Preserve Middleton WI

Pheasant Branch Nature Preserve Middleton WI

I have been trying to explore Middleton a little more. I recently ventured into Pheasant Branch Nature Preserve. It is a pretty cool place. There is a trail corridor and a main part with more paths and such. I like it because it is quiet and a break from biking on the noisy streets. The shade is cool on warm days and that is appreciated by me. One of the cool features is the creek crossings. There is a bridge but there is also this:

Creek Crossing Pheasant Branch

Creek Crossing in Pheasant Branch Nature Preserve

It allows bikers to go through the water and runners or walkers can use the stones on the side to easily cross it. My guess is that it allows trucks to keep off of the bridges. But I am not sure if that is the main reason.

I think that these crossings are very cool. It gets you up close to nature and I love running water. Many times I see kids down there and maybe there are a few future conservationists among them. When I was younger there was a park with a creek and all the kids would be playing in it. Those are memories that will last.

The main part of the nature preserve has a hill with a pretty good view.

Pheasant Branch

Pheasant Branch

There were a few paths closed to bicycles so I will have to get back there to do some more exploring. As an aside one of the info kiosks showed that Middleton used to be known as Peatsville. Pheasant Branch was actually a town as well. It didn’t end up thriving because a railroad decided to lay track elsewhere. Interesting history!

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