Then & Now – A Postcard of Horicon, WI 53032

On my recent trip to Delafield I found a postcard from my hometown of Horicon. It showed the downtown area circa 1914 (at least that is when it was mailed. I couldn’t stop smiling as I paid for it. I like postcards and finding one from my relatively small town is pretty rare. I decided to take a picture from about the same spot to be able to compare.

Here is the picture from 1914:

Horicon 1914 front

October 2013:


I noticed some things between the two pictures. You can see still the ladder on the side of the building immediately to the right of the lower picture. The steeple of what used to be St. Stephen church is visible in both pictures. I also think the street going to the right used to be much narrower. There is no building there now but from the location I shot new picture in you wouldn’t be able to see it. The carriages also turned into cars and trucks! Much more horsepower.

The building to the right (now a tattoo parlor – I would bet the farm it wasn’t one of those in 1914) had the front of the first story redone at some point. In the top picture it is set back from the other buildings and in the new building the first story is even with the other buildings. So much has changed but a lot has stayed the same.

I think the back of the postcard is worth a look as well:

Horicon 1914 reverse

This was a really neat find and I am glad I could share. Do you have any postcards from Horicon? Do you know who little Harvey is? Let me know!