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The small town of Beaver, IA

Beaver Iowa is a small town off of Highway 30 in Iowa. It is pretty unremarkable to most but it holds some interest to me as my Grandma’s Uncle Morris used to own a tavern there. My grandma remembers piling in the car in the early morning in Menominee MI as a young girl. They would drive all day and get to Beaver. Her uncle let her have all the soda and candy she wanted. She has fond memories of these times. From what I gather he is buried in Ames, IA.

So when I was headed to Omaha this last summer I detoured through to see what was there. And besides the post office and grain elevator there wasn’t a whole lot going on. But the buildings my uncle used to own are still standing (kind of). He also owned the old bank building and I am told he used the vault as a closet. I took some pictures of them. The roofs have collapsed but I took some pictures from the sidewalk.

A few pictures

Beaver IA 1

Downtown Beaver

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Bumper Pool table at Buddha's Still in De Pere

Bumper Pool table at Buddha’s Still in De Pere

When my brother graduated from De Pere this past May my family was up the night before to save a drive in the morning. Naturally we headed out to see the nightlife when we stumbled upon this blast from the past in Buddha’s Still. It was my first time playing bumper pool and if I remember correctly I lost every single game I played.

Have you ever played bumper pool? Do any bars that you have been to offer unusual games?