Badger Hockey Game vs Michigan 11 January 2014

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a Badger Hockey game at the Kohl Center. I had a great time and the Badgers pulled off a win in an exciting game. You can read a recap of the game here.

My friend and I had very good seats (but they came at $40 apiece). My only complaint is that when the action was in the one corner we had a hard time seeing the action. We also missed out on much of the fight in the last minute. But these are small things.

Opening puck drop Wisconsin vs Michigan 11/Jan/2013

Opening puck drop Wisconsin vs Michigan 11/Jan/2014

From the conversations around me I think we were in the season ticket holder section. Everybody seemed to know everybody else. And the guy sitting a few rows down from us lead a chant after every Badger’s score. If you have been to a game maybe you will recognize him.

This man lead a chant after every Badger's goal

This man lead a chant after every Badger’s goal

We went out and about downtown Madison both before and after the game. We stopped into Brocach on the square, Capital Tap Haus, Hawk’s, the Red Shed, Wando’s and Diego’s. I was mostly drinking Miller High Life (I had an obligatory Harp at Brocach and of course a Capital beer at the Capital Tap Haus). All of the bottles of High Life I had were expired save one. You can see the expiration date printed right on the bottle in yellow ink. The most egregious example was a bottle of beer that expired on September 30th 2013. If you work at a bar please be sure to rotate stock.

We used a cab company to get to and from downtown. On the way back the cab driver was doing 55 in a 35 down University Avenue. That was an experience! He was discussing how the company works (He leases the cab for a fixed price per hour and also pays gas. Any money he makes is his. It is quite interesting). There seemed to be a shortage of cabs on state street at around 1:30-2:00 am when we were there. We waited 25 minutes for ours to show up.

Overall I had a good time. The game was fun and getting out of the house was nice. Catching up with an old friend was a plus as well.

Have you ever been to a Badger Hockey game?