Cabin Fever

It always seems that the heart of winter leads me to think about the greener grass of summer. It is easy to escape to the future and the better times ahead. But these daydreams come at the expense of the present.

I generally spend a lot of time inside during the winter avoiding the cold, but in summer I spend a lot of time avoiding the heat. Sometimes I will take a walk but generally once I get home I stay inside. Sometimes I get to thinking where I am going; what is my destination?

Overture Center for the Arts

I was riding my bike to work earlier this week on the bike path and I saw bootprints and a set of dog paw prints in the freshly fallen snow. They pretty much moved in straight lines but the dog prints had a little left to right movement relative to the boot prints. Eventually I saw a point where the paw prints moved off the path a bit. There must have been something interesting there.

January is a three payday month this year. I am planning on buying a car this spring so much of my savings will go towards that. I am also still chipping away at my student loans. I am on pace to be done during the summer of 2016 at this rate. Work is going good and I am still learning a lot. I don’t want to be there for 30 years but I think it is a good fit for the present.

To tie this post together I am sitting in the cold thinking about potential summer road trips (1 week or so). I am leaning towards the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and maybe Canada. Last year was South Dakota. I don’t want to drive too far. I like a good driving to enjoying ratio.

Sometimes just typing out the words helps clear your mind, even if it comes across as rambling. You should try it sometime!