Stevens Point Curling Club

A few weeks ago (during the Olympics and before the Russian invasion of Crimea) I had a chance to try Curling at the Stevens Point Curling club. I had long related to curling as the one winter Olympic sport I could ever even try to attempt without breaking a leg or embarrassing myself.

The "house" at Stevens Point Curling Club

The “house” at the Stevens Point Curling Club

The curling club was hosting an open night where you could try the sport and play an end or two. I got to throw some stones and do some sweeping. I wasn’t very good but I could see the appeal of the sport. It is team oriented and is exciting when you get into it.

Each team has 4 players. Each player throws 2 stones to the other end of the ice. The circled area is called the house*. You score points by being the closest to the center. It is a lot like shuffle board or bocce ball. A captain stands at the other end and helps call the shots for the team to maximize points. Games are often offensive and defensive. The term “chess on ice” is often used to describe the game.

If you ever get the chance I suggest you give it a try. It was a fun night out. You can visit the Stevens Point Curling Club online here.

*I am sure I am getting some of the terminology wrong so don’t take this as fact.